Its A Family Business, Started by my Grand Father down to my father and myself. It all started in 1967.

It was My Grand Father who Started this Business and We all Have been very Lucky to take over this legacy over to the next generation and take pride in doing it. Measuring Up people and advising them, about color and Style. I remember when I was a child, during holidays from school, I use to visit my father in factory, seeing him looking at him how he was checking all the produced Garment and putting extra attention on the detail’s. I often Ask him, What are you doing and he has always ANSWERED, That don’t you worry, There will be a day that you will be doing the same thing not only in one factory, but all over the word. I still Remember how it was, Those days and To be Honest Nothing Changed.

We have a very large production house In Hong Kong, Main Land China.

We can easily produce 2000-2500 Shirts a month and 8-900 Suits. With a very large variety of Suits material and Shirts, produce from all over the world.

Even today, after working for many years, When I am dress in the morning. I am always excited, That what I will be wearing today. Being a tailor with a very large clothing collection I am feel I am very lucky to have that, and running a successful FAMILY BUSINESS as well.

Times Have Come, and days have been very long but I still enjoy every moment of it. I love touching the materials and every Garment. It has become up to that extent that If I don’t do it one day, I feel something is missing in my life. Love to Dress up everyday ever Hour and Until the last moments of my life. I would love to die in my Tailored Suit and Shirt, That would be my real Legacy.